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Multifunctional steammer DEERMA ZQ610
Multifunctional steammer DEERMA ZQ610
Multifunctional steammer DEERMA ZQ610
Multifunctional steammer DEERMA ZQ610

Multifunctional steammer DEERMA ZQ610

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Deerma ZQ610 - One device - many possibilities


Deerma ZQ610 is a multifunctional steam cleaner that makes your life easier. With its help you will clean your home and ensure a clean, virus and bacteria free environment.





Your ally in the fight for a clean house

If you are struggling every day with dirt, smudges, greasy spots or dirt that cannot be removed by ordinary means, the Deerma ZQ610 steam cleaner will be the perfect solution to your problems. Equipped with 5 interchangeable steam release brushes, it will help you to deal with similar obstacles and make cleaning easy and enjoyable.





 Effective fight against bacteria and viruses 

Nowadays we are threatened by various viruses and bacteria from almost all sides. Deerma ZQ610 will help you to overcome them! The steam cleaner will effectively disinfect various surfaces and get rid of dirt. A high steam temperature reaching 105°C will kill bacteria and viruses, so you can achieve a sterilization and cleanliness effect. Deerma ZQ610 will be a valuable help in the fight for your and your family's health - take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy safety!



 Practical extension piece 

 All 5 interchangeable brushes can be combined with a special multifunctional extension part. By using it, you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas such as high windows, curtains, ventilation grids and much more.




 Functional steam mop


 Carpet, tiles, wood, natural stone - using the Deerma ZQ610 steam mop tip you can easily clean and disinfect surfaces made of various materials. You don't have to worry about children playing on the floor - by choosing a fully physical cleaning technology that is free of chemical contamination, you will ensure their safety.



Enjoy a beautiful and clean kitchen

Fat stains, spilled drinks, spilled crumbs are everyday life in every kitchen. Steam cleaner ZQ610 will help you to deal with these stains. High steam temperature and optimally designed cap will allow you to effectively clean gas stoves or worktops, giving your kitchen a beautiful look. In such a tidy room you will enjoy cooking!

Small toothbrush for special tasks

The brush-shaped tip will be useful for cleaning small, hard to reach places. With its help, you can thoroughly clean the gaps between the tiles or the mixer tap of the washbasin. If you care about cleanliness in even the smallest detail, it will be an ideal solution for you



 Fantastic view outside the window

The Deerma ZQ610 also allows you to clean glass thoroughly. With the help of the appropriate tip you will refresh the look of your windows and bring perfect order. With Deerma ZQ610 you will see more - the view outside your window has never been so great! The tip will also work well for cleaning other smooth surfaces.



 Perfectly clean furniture and clothing


Deerma ZQ610 also gives you the ability to clean and sterilize clothes, plush toys, curtains and furniture such as sofas and armchairs. A removable brush designed to clean materials will spray steam that will penetrate deep into each fiber, clean it and neutralize bacteria. Use this option regularly to take care of your health.


 Impressive multi-tasking


Replaceable tips and lightness of the device will allow you to use it in many different ways in different places. You can freely carry the cleaner, lift it to higher places and clean anything you want with the appropriate brushes.

Technology to ensure efficiency

Thanks to the latest technology, the cleaner can release a steam jet at 105°C in just 20 seconds. Such high efficiency is ensured by a two-layer ring heater pipe and an aluminium boiler. All of this makes the Deerma ZQ610 a real delight for you in its rapid and efficient operation.

Fully natural operation

The operation of the Deerma ZQ610 is based on plain, clean water that is converted to hot steam. There is no need for chemical preparations that can be harmful to the surface to be cleaned in the long run as well as to your health. All you need is clean water, which provides quick results and is safe for you and the environment.

Safety guarantee

We take care of your safety. The Deerma ZQ610 steam cleaner is equipped with a powerful aluminum boiler and double-layer insulation cables to protect against possible danger. The equipment is also protected against leaks. In a potentially dangerous situation it will automatically switch off. So you don't have to worry about anything - you can use the cleaner in complete safety.

Comfortable use - Deerma ZQ610 will make your life easier!

You can easily disassemble the cleaner and replace the brushes - all you have to do is press one button. You can also increase the length of the handle up to three times to optimally adapt it to your needs. To change the mop cap, you don't even have to bend down - you can easily operate the machine with your foot. Topping up the water tank is just as easy. Its capacity is 230 ml, so it is enough to thoroughly wash various surfaces in your home. Deerma ZQ610 not only takes care of the cleanliness of your home, but also your comfort!





Packing list

  • Multifunctional steamer
  • Mop head
  • Mop head extension lever
  • Extension hose
  • Glass scraper
  • Brush connector
  • Clothes head
  • Brush head
  • Brushed scouring head
  • Mop
  • Storage bag




Brand Deerma
Model ZQ610
Rated power 1300W
Rated voltage 220-240V~50-60Hz
Dimensions 389 x 85 x 180 mm
Water container capacity 230ml
Working temperature over 150°C
Heating temperature 20s
Material ABS
Power cord length 4m



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